Fell a Little Flat

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I want to start by stating that I am a huge Ruta Sepetys fan. I’ve read all of her work and love her writing style. This book fell a little flat for me. There was plenty of action, but I felt that the character development wasn’t thorough. I didn’t feel like I cared much about the characters. I feel like getting to know the characters a bit more at the beginning would have helped with this issue. At times, it was a little difficult to keep track of who was betraying whom. I also had a difficult time feeling bad when one person was being betrayed, when that victim of that betrayal was also betraying others. I know the point was to showcase how nobody could trust anybody else, but something about this fell flat for me.

I did very much appreciate that the subject matter was new for me. I haven’t read anything else related to the Romanian Revolution, and I real a lot of historical fiction.

This being said, I will continue to read Sepetys’ books and she’s still one of my favorite authors for historical fiction.