Hard to put down anything by Ruta Sepetys

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I have read every book by Ruta Sepetys and am always eagerly awaiting her next novel. I Must Betray You, does not disappoint. Ms. Sepetys is very thorough in her research for her historical fiction novels, sometimes years of research are done before she writes. I have learned so much about pieces of history not taught in school that her books are not just a guilty pleasure for me but a source of information which is why her books are so good, she knows her stuff! Her newest novel takes place in Romania which is not often the setting for a YA book and a country I only know for their Olympic gymnasts. In the few pages I was able to read I already am sucked into the story and feel mad about how people were being treated in Romania in 1989, when the story takes place. The main character is blackmailed into helping the Communist party and runs the gamut of emotions from fear to guilt to resolve to protect his family. I only read a few pages and I am already rooting for him to break his commitment and outwit the government officials. Ruta Sepetys's books are very popular with my High School patrons this title will definitely be added to our collection. I, myself, wish there were more content to the Bookish First excerpt because Jan/Feb. 2022 is a long time to have to wait to finish this must have book!