Poignant and beautiful!!

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I Have Lost My Way follows three young adult who are just shuffling though the live they’ve been given. Each has their own troubles to work on and work through, after a chance encounter brings them all together, it might be just what they all needed. Our three narrator take us through each of their stories.

First, Freya. She has lost the one thing that she loves the most, her voice. As a person who grew up singing in the chorus at school and and at church, this is something I couldn’t imagine going through. Music certainly makes the world go round, at least for most. Nathaniel, our second, just seems lost in the world around him, but with a father like he’s grown up with I can understand why. He needs to find his way again. Lastly, Harun. He’s been keeping his sexuality a secret from his friends and family. His families religion is important to them, and sexuality goes against their beliefs. So, Harun feels like hie is living a lie keeping it to himself. You love who love, and I just wanted him to find some peace and happiness with this love.

The bond between these three forms quickly and their is a sweet relationship that blooms between Freya and Nathaniel. Sometimes the people you need the most just appear at the right time and they might not be who you’d ever expect either. Maybe even a completely stranger, who happens to understand what you’re going through. This was such an emotional story, and so completely captivating. I started and finished this in one sitting because I just couldn’t put it down, I wanted something good to happen for all of them so badly. My daughter will be starting this soon and I am looking forward to seeing what she thinks of it too.

I Have Lost My Way was a poignant story of love, forgiveness and finding yourself through the world we live in today. Another wonderfully written and beautiful story from Forman…