Utterly predictable but sweet

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The jacket summary basically tells you the whole novel. Ok, so there are some subplots it doesn't describe, but they don't really matter to the overall story. However, it's a sweet, quickly readable book.

One of my favorite things about it actually was the author's commitment to really describe everything and not skip forward in time because it was easier. I fully thought the accident was not going to be described step by frightening step, but it was. We went through that right along with Margaret.

While I wanted Margaret to succeed, I didn't actually care about her. She was wallpaper. She was a lens for other people's stories to happen through. She had no personality - by design - but when she started to change, she still didn't really have a clear point of view or voice.

If you want a light - despite heavy themes - romantic read, go for it. Just don't expect any deep lessons along the way.