Pleasantly Surprised

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I was not expecting this to be a 5 star read. I honestly don’t love a lot of romance books and find it difficult to find one that has minimal flaws. I need there to be depth, character growth, and strong connections to truly find myself LOVING a romance read, but this one had it all!

First off, I loved Katherine Center’s writing. It was so smooth and flowed beautifully without dragging on and getting lost in the details. This book deals with true struggles that a main character has to deal with and face in order to find her place in the world. I love that such a negative experience, turns into our lead being able to discover so much about herself and her passions. The romantic interest also has depth, a background, and morals that help me to love him as well. They have great chemistry together and I was actually rooting for them! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in picking this one up.