Lovely, heart lifting book

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This is one of the first romance/rom com books I've read, and I'm so glad I did! I wasn't sure if it would be a genre I'd enjoy, but this showed me how fun and heart warming these books could be. Despite the difficult subject matter, with the main character being both paralyzed and heartbroken (not that these two get equal weight in the world of problems), this books managed to maintain a mostly lighthearted and hopeful tone.

I really enjoyed the character of Margaret. She was tough and a fighter. I appreciated the romance and chemistry between her and Ian, the sexy PT. I also like that the author chose not to take the easy route around some of the obstacles in this book, which made it feel more authentic. The ending did feel a little preachy, and I think some of the platitudes there could've been cut, but I definitely plan on reading more by this author!