Loved this romance!

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This is my second Katherine Center novel and I loved it.

It’s got romance, struggle, grit, family and relationship drama and the characters experience some personal growth.

In this one, our main character Margaret is terrified of planes but agrees to go up in a small plane with her fiance only to to have the flight end in a disastrous crash that leads to Margaret being paralyzed. What follows this opening scene is a journey of growth, resiliency and the possibility of love.

I struggle with romcoms as I don’t enjoy them if they’re over the top cheesy or dramatic. I like my romcoms with some character growth, some humor, and not a lot of over the top steam. This delivered all of that and it was done so beautifully.

I started this book this afternoon and passed on doing anything else tonight so I could finish this sweet read that was hopeful without diminishing hard circumstances.