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I enjoyed this book a lot. I thought Maggie's struggles after the accident were realistic. For those who criticize her for not saying "no", Maggie was a people-pleaser. She didn't know how to say no. Her role in her family was the caretaker, the one who soothed everyone else, the one who smoothed things over. She went in the airplane with her fiance because she wanted to make him happy, and she convinced herself that she was just being silly about her fears. She let her mother dominate her, because that's how her family dynamics worked, and had always worked that way. I found her believable, likeable, and This book was such as entertaining as it was inspiring. The story felt real and was such a page turner I couldn't put it down. The way the different story lines worked together to keep the excitement going to the end of the book made this book amazing to me. I have recommended this book to friends and they have enjoyed it as much as I have.