Fantastic story!

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This was the first book that I have read by Katherine Center. I will certainly be purchasing some more!! It was well thought out and researched. I took an emotional roller-coaster ride with Margaret, her family and the secondary characters. 

This story is about tragedy, heartbreak, courage, love and acceptance. 

Margaret "Maggie" shows us how she learns to get through all these stages. She has a dysfunctional family (as many do), but these people are all her formal support system. Her mother usually gets her way and loves to decorate and her father is a quiet and loving man. Her sister, who she hasn't seen in three years suddenly shows up and offers her support.

Her informal supports are the staff at the hospital. The PT's, OT's and nurses. One never knows who they are going to have as therapists and many times the nurse will become the advocate for the patient. Sometimes the patient needs more than we realize though. 

Margaret may have thought she was weak, but she turns out to be stronger than she believes. She learns this through the help of her family and other supports. Then, while she is already dealing with her own issues, she must also learn to navigate through a family secret that will devastate someone who she loves. She must also get through a wedding that she is being forced to attend but trying to prove to people that she has moved on from her past and moving strongly into her future. 

Throughout the story, you can see the amount of research and time that Katherine must have put into it. She truly did an amazing job in explaining things through her characters.

I believe that Katherine told this story as it should be told. This was a sudden event and life changed in an instant. It's how Margaret proceeded to get through this that makes this book so wonderful. The good, the bad and all the in-between. 

I really liked the line "You have to find inspiration in the struggle, and pull joy out of the hardship." As we go through life, we do need to find joy in the small things, even if it is just being outside looking at the sky or feeling the sun on our skin. Maybe even having a Valentine's Day party on April Fools day. Whatever you need to do that is going to make your life happier, no matter how odd it may seem to others. It's your life, you only get one. 

Thank you St. Martin's Press for an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book. I truly appreciate it and absolutely enjoyed it. Look forward to reading more from Katherine Center!!