Familiar but entertaining

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Recommended: yes!
Good for a light read, like a beach day - though for this one, I probably won't recommend it as airplane reading.

Having finished this, the title is delightful in context. I'm not usually big on medical dramas and books that take place mostly in a hospital, but this was a quick enough read that it didn't drag me down or bore me as they usually do. I'm not terribly qualified to judge (thank my lucky stars), but the depiction of grief in this book felt real. The ups and downs that Margaret-now-Maggie detailed seemed reasonable for her situation.

I wasn't sucked in to the romance line, really at all. The whole idea of the stoic mean guy that later reveals his soft side doesn't appeal to me: I don't want a jerk as the main guy in the story! It also felt like a very standard procedure of falling in love, with one big grand gesture at the end that felt… contrived, I suppose. At best. I was rolling my eyes a bit and skimming through those last parts.

Was it predictable? At times, yes. The main question was one I was unsure about, however, so I'm grateful for that.

Is it good? Eh. It's entertaining, if a little common. Nothing wildly unique about the story, based on what I've read before.

Did I enjoy it? YUP! I plowed through this mostly in one day that I had off, where I lounged in the sunshine until I finished it up.

Pretty dang good, especially since I had no idea what it was about when I accidentally bought it. I approve of the ending. A good read for a day off. 😊