emotional ride

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Ever read a book and it just punches you in all the feelings. That was this book for me. Was it problematic at times, yup. Was is the best written, eh. This was the book my soul needed at the time I read it though.

Margaret Jacobsen has worked for a perfect life and everything is finally falling into place for her. She is dating a great guy, Chip, and she just landed her dream job. So what if Chip is trying to force her into an airplane when heights are really, really not her thing? It is his thing and Margaret has a feeling that this might be a very special night for them.

One decision can change everything though. One moment is all it takes for everything to change.

This book gutted me. Margaret had goals and life ambitions and it is all dramatically changed when her narcissistic boyfriend pushes her into doing something for him. Margaret has to learn literally how to walk away from the life she was working so hard for. Just coming out of a terrible relationship, granted didn't end in this same dramatic way, I was able to relate to Margaret so well. She overcame the impossible. While we read about people that let things knock them down and out of life, Margaret never gives up. Even when her friends and family are giving up around her. More importantly though we do see her struggle with depression and losing herself at times.

I needed this book. I loved this book. I highly recommend this book.