Definitely Will Reread

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I have so much love for this book. I reread it and finally made the connection to Things You Save in a Fire with the short novella afterward.
Margaret is scared of flying but when her boyfriend convinces her to go up with him as a pilot, she ignores her fear because she knows he's going to propose. The plane crashes and he was away with barely a scratch. Margaret, on the other hand, requires surgery and therapy. She has 3rd degree burns and is now a paraplegic.
I'm positive that I would not react to a debilitating injury like Maggie does. Her struggle and rebounding is inspirational and I especially liked her mantra of if you can't help yourself help somebody else. And Ian! I love him so much! I have a hard time not loving a Scottish man, but one who is grumpy and gives me Mr. Darcy feels, oy! Even better.
I'm a big fan of Katherine Center. Shocking, I know. Her ability to invest me into the story and character arcs is flawless.