Both humorous and heartbreaking, I loved this book!

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How To Walk Away was my first book by Katherine Center. I enjoy her non-fussy way of describing people and situations. She does so with depth in character and with emotion but still with humor. She has a way of writing really deep content but in a light way, if that makes sense? This book has a dramatic start and a consistent build, with surprising depth, describing both trauma and healing.

I also enjoy that Katherine Center never leaves you hanging with sad or completely unfinished endings. She creates lovable (and some not-so-much) characters that you find yourself wanting to know more about after the book is over.

I like being able to leave a book happy, even though there are heavy themes and traumatic events. This was one of those books. Heartbreaking and humorous at the same time. If you are a fan of books like Me Before You, you will enjoy this just as much.