An Adorable Romance with a Sassy Narrator

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"How to Walk Away" is the story of Margaret, who thinks she has her whole future figured out--she’s got the degree, the great job, the perfect guy… all she needs is the ring! Then, a tragic accident rips her perfect life apart. In overcoming the hardest challenge she’s ever faced, she’ll find support and love in unconventional places. This adorable book is a well-written romance with excellent characters and relatable drama.

I must admit, I figured out most of the plot of this book within the first three chapters. I was a little worried at first that I would get bored with its predictability, but Katherine Center totally surprised and impressed me. The story and characters were absolutely adorable. There were several individual plotlines that kept the overall story twisting and turning, and Center did a great job of staggering their resolutions. It kept the pages turning, and I was eager to read more. There was also a good balance between character development and plot; not too much of either made the book a fast and engaging read. This book has a lot going on, but Center manages to tie up everything by the end--which includes a flash-forward that I totally love!

The characters in "How to Walk Away" are as wonderful as the plot. They may be somewhat stereotypical of the romance genre, but I’m not upset about that. Even the love triangle was intriguing! Margaret is a great main character. It was her personality that drew me to the text in the first place. I love the dynamic between her and Kit (I’m a sucker for a good sister story, and these two are great fun!). We learn a lot about a good number of characters in this book, and they all contribute to what makes it so good.

If Margaret’s character is what attracted me to the book, it was her voice that kept me reading. Center has created a sarcastic, hilarious, and relatable woman in her narrator. Her tone carries through in her different situations, and despite the difficulties of her predicament her voice stays light and mainly upbeat. Sarcasm is hard to write, and yet Center had me laughing out loud at some of the snide things Margaret (or Kit, or Ian) would say. Such a great style of writing, it was perfect for the novel.

This was a fabulous little romance for some cozy reading--with just enough darkness to keep it interesting. I tend to read a lot of “heavy” stuff, and this book, while it deals with a pretty serious topic, is a great “light” read for spring and summer. I highly recommend it to the romance and drama lovers out there. For me, I look forward to trying out some of Center’s other books in the future.