Absolutely loved it!

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How to Walk Away had everything you could ask for in a book. The plot was at times sad, funny, heartbreaking and wonderful. The writing was so good that you didn't realize you were reading, but felt like you were sitting there with Maggie and her parents, Ian, Kit, Fat Benjamin, Chip, the whiner and all the others who help round out the story.

Maggie has always had a fear of flying, or rather crashing, but agrees to go up with her about to be fiance just in time to realize her fears. Life after is nothing like how she had planned her life. At some point she gives in to the realization that this IS her life and works to get better, physically and emotionally.

I loved the dialogue, especially with her sister Kit, but also with Ian. I just can't say enough good about this book and the author, Katherine Center. Thank you Bookish for bringing this book to my attention!