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Katherine Center is a surprise author for me this month. I started with What You Wish For, I liked it so I moved on to Things You Save in a Fire and then Happiness for Beginners and because I was on a roll, this book, How to Walk Away. I love Katherine Center and she has become an auto buy for me with this one month, despite myself. It is despite myself, because her books at times seem overly happy, hopeful beyond what seems realistic, but then, in retrospect, her characters go through a lot to get there.

Take Margaret Jacobson and her horrific plane crash, due to her fiance's hubris and piloting. You just know right from the start, Chip is not worthy of her affection, so who will be. Enter Ian, her cranky, Scottish, and handsome PT. Yep, I am in.

Katherine Center has a knack for engaging and quirky characters that you just can't help but love. Take Maggie's sister, so full of life and fun and sass, you can help but love her. While the epilogue ties everything up in a neat bow, I would still like to hear more of her story.