Slasher Thriller

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I have to say this book is a quick moving wild ride. I loved all of the old school slasher references and the theme of the rules of being a Final Girl. The writing was excellent and I enjoyed the twist at the end. Alice has always been into horror movies, especially slashers with Final Girls. Alice and her friends are even working on a podcast to dissect true crime and slashers to pull out the rules to be a Final Girl. Until the night Alice and her sister go to a Halloween party and Claire is murdered before Alice’s eyes. It’s time for the trial and Alice is the key witness to convict Owen, but there isn’t much evidence he committed the other crimes that night. A Sidney Prescott lookalike talks to Alice at the courthouse and before she knows it she has been knocked out and sent back to the night her sister died with the task of figuring out what happened before midnight. But this isn’t a vision, this do over is for keeps.