Oddly Charming

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I have to say this one has a pull I didn't quite understand at first. To be perfectly frank, some of the exposition in the beginning scene with the main character and her friends is clunky, and it's little heavy-handed in its efforts to be "woke". These are things that normally turn me way off in a book. But in this case, the dialogue, the story, and the opening kill scene all hold such undeniable charm and intrigue that I can't help but keep reading. The way the characters speak to one another holds a warmth and (dare I say) enchantment that really brings them all to life and makes me care about them instantly. There is almost nothing more important for a successful horror/suspense story than characters you actually care about and want to see survive, and in that the author succeeds here with a polished ease. I also have to applaud the opening sequence. It really is something out of a great slasher film, flowing along at a brisk and smooth pace, getting us right where we want to be without a lot of fluff and filler. Additionally, as a movie nerd and a horror aficionado especially, I have to give it up to Ms. Valentine/Vega for all of the references she's thrown in. While I can see how others who aren't fans of the genre (but in that case why are you even reading this blood-splattered book to start with) might find them tedious after a point, I know I and others like me appreciate the deft touch with which she applies them. They really help to immerse you in the environment and let you know exactly what you're in for. That being a fun, bloody slasher romp put to paper. As a fan of the medium, I want to read this one out of pure frothy pleasure, maybe with a bowl of popcorn next to me.