I liked it!

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This story is about witches in high school and the different things that happen to them because they are witches. Even with witches, they face racism, a teacher using his position to persuade students to do things they don't want to do and rivalry. They have cars that fly but they also still use brooms.

I really like that Shay had a best friend that she could confide in about everything. Shay also has a student that she is in competition with and likes her but feels like she is the enemy because they are both trying to win the scholarship the school is offering. Ana GPA is lightly higher than Shay's but Shay's magic level is higher than Ana's. When they start working on the school musical together, Shay realizes that Ana is a very nice person and not the enemy she thought she was.

This was a really good book and fun to read to see what would happen to Shay next and how she would handle it.