How to Heal a Gryphon

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How to Heal a Gryphon is based in Italy with the main character named Giada. Giada has a big heart and is struggling with her uniqueness. She is about to turn 13, at which time she will take her family oath to practice their form of family-tradition healing magic. Her inner conflict is that she has the ability to heal animals which she is more pationate about, but she does not want to disappoint her family with this desire. No spoilers, but the story includes: her much admired brother gets kidnapped; Giada and her magical cat look for him with the help of gryphons that she has bonded with through a healing, plus more! Well-written with visual descriptions, precise editing and proofing, clean storytelling, age appropriate, plenty of adventure and interesting wording to spark curiosity about researching new vocabulary. Recommended reading!