Delightful middle-grade fantasy

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Giada’s family has magical powers that they use for healing. On the cusp of her thirteenth birthday, Giada must decide whether she will follow her family legacy of healing humans or follow her heart’s desire to heal animals, something that is not allowed.

HOW TO HEAL A GRYPHON was a delightful middle-grade fantasy book. I loved the adorably spunky main character, Giada. I’m a fan of books that explore family dynamics and tradition especially when the conflict between characters leads to character development. The writing flowed well and the plot moved along at a good pace. I liked how the fantasy aspects of Giada’s world were created. I was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t more focus on Giada’s healing of animals. Given the premise of the story, I thought this would have played a larger role in the book than it did.

HOW TO HEAL A GRYPHON is a well-written and appropriate/enjoyable book for a middle-grade audience. Despite being targeted for that age range, this is a book that I liked reading as an adult. I would recommend it.