Adventurous middle grade fantasy book with lots of cute and magical creatures

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Giada Bellantuono comes from a long line of magical healers and her family expects her to follow tradition, but Giada knows her calling is to heal animals rather than people. When her brother suddenly goes missing, it’s up to Giada to figure out who took him and how to get him back home safely.

Set in Italy along the Amalfi Coast, How to Heal a Gryphon is a magical story about family and sticking up for your dreams/beliefs, with many loveable creatures we meet along the way. I haven’t read a middle-grade book in a long time, but I really enjoyed this one. It took a little bit to get into the story, but once the adventure started it was hard to put down. I think this is something I would have also enjoyed as a kid. The descriptions of food and the setting made me feel apart of the story. Giada is an entertaining protagonist; she is very stubborn, strong-willed, and would do anything for the people and animals she loves. I would recommend this book if you enjoy middle-grade fiction, but keep in mind that it is written for a young audience. The story was fun and exciting enough to keep me interested, so I enjoyed it.