A Very Loving Story.

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I Honestly Found Myself Surprised With How Much I Ended Up Loving And Enjoying This Story. How Ever I Do Admit That This Book Was Not On My Wish List, Actually I Was Not Even Searching For It. So The First Time I Have Ever Heard About Was Hear On BookishFirst. I Definitely Loved The Cover. To Me It Was Very Appealing When I First Saw It, This Story Has Very Much Grown On Me. In This Book Ariel And Her Family Are Jewish And They Are Living In Connecticut During The 1960’s When Some Big Major Events That Were Taking Place. I Loved How Some The events Corresponded To Ariel’s Own Life. To Be Honest, This Book Went Deeper Into Lots Of Topics Like Racism, Religion, The Financial Difficulties And More Than I Can Ever Anticipate.

I Really Think That This Book Is A Very Great Read For Anyone. I Very Highly Recommend This Book To Everyone Since I Have Read It Teaches So Many Different Lessons, And Its Something We All Can Learn From. Very Great Read And I Hope Many People Enjoy This Book.