1960's Nostalgia!

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I found Veera Hiranandani's novel, "How To Find What You're Not Looking For", an interesting and easy read.
The story takes place during the turbulent 1960's. Ms. Hiranandani does an excellent job of describing this time in history (racism: Loving versus Virginia case, Vietnam War: statistics and its effect on families and society, era music, era clothing, family dynamics, etc.).
Without giving too much away, the novel revolves around a Jewish family that settles in a predominantly non-Jewish neighborhood. They own a bakery that caters to both non-Jewish clients and Jewish clients from surrounding areas. Even though they believe in their Jewish heritage, the adults in the family find themselves not following their heritage as much as in earlier times (i.e., children not sent to Hebrew school and unable to speak the Yiddish language, not observing the Sabbath (the need to keep the bakery open, to make "ends meet"). Against the wishes of her parents, their eldest daughter falls in love with and marries a man that is from India, . Will they come to terms, or will the family forever be estranged? You'll need to read the novel to find out!
I feel that this would be a great YA novel for middle school/high school students. They would definitely obtain a better understanding/knowledge of the 1960's.