Such a unique perspective

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"Biz knows how to float." This is the perfect line from the teaser. Biz really does know how to float: She floats between reality and her hallucinations of her dead father, between her depression and her upbeat mom and twin brothers, between her confusion about her own sexuality and being a good best friend to a girl she's pretty sure she's in love with but is definitely sure she can't live without, between the scattered thoughts in her head and how to play her part for the crowd of people she knows she's supposed to consider friends... Biz doesn't know how to process the world around her or how to ask anyone for help in doing so. She can't explain to anyone how her dead father appears at random times, wanting to talk to her but not wanting to listen. She can't explain how she is struggling to understand who she is and what's going on inside of her -- emotionally, physically, psychologically. And her difficulty dealing with all of this confusion not only makes her vulnerable and uncomfortable, but also leads to poor decisions and being sorely misunderstood by those around her. Yes, Biz knows how to float. But how long can she keep floating before she sinks?