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Great mental illness rep!

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The first time I saw this book, I assumed it was an adult novel and put off reading it. Later, I saw it listed under the YA titles and decided to give it a shot based on it's pretty cover (shallow I know) and its interesting synopsis.

There's a lot to unpack in this novel. It somehow manages to walk the fine line between sad and hopeful. This is very much a book that will speak to anyone who has ever faced grief or loss of any kind. The main character Biz faces these obstacles in her own life and is haunted by memories of her father leaving and by her own childhood. She feels her grief so deeply in the book that it's hard to not sympathize with her.

It's very rare that I read a book with mental illness rep in YA that speaks to me as much as this book did. Biz was a deeply personal look at depression and how it impacts someone and the people around them. I love that books like this are becoming more prevalent in our society. There was a time when the topics addressed in this book would have been considered taboo and off the table.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and hope that people from all backgrounds will pick it up and read it.