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I think this is a good book for all. It deals with depression and the loss of Biz's father. It includes LGBTQ.

These topics are good to talk about and to have a writer have it in a book may help young people who are struggling and not sure where to turn. We are more open to mental illness, which is a great thing in itself.

I think at times the book might have been a bit difficult to read but it opens your eyes to the different types of mental illness.

I liked the style of writing and I think the overall message was great. A lot going on in his book and a must read! This book deals with real hard controversial topics that are not usually talked about in a book.

I have read other reviews on this book and a few people have said that they felt was Biz felt. I think because it deals with real life events. I think you have to be in the right frame of mind to read this book.