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How It Feels To Float by Helena Fox is a story of a girl questioning her life- her sexuality, friends, and, worst of all, her mind. Biz lives in Australia- lemme start off by saying that the author’s depiction of Australia is beautiful, I’m in awe by the people, monuments, and places Biz travels to see- from her mind we see how she perceives the places where her father lived and how her parents saw it. Then the reader meets people introduced into Biz’s life as the story goes on- Sylvia and Jasper, both effective in helping her with her demons. I also enjoy the engagement style Fox gives to the reader, it was quick to read and I was not bored at all. One of the quotes I loved from How It Feels To Float:
“You can’t escape your history. It’s like a river that follows you, blood that moves without you thinking. The past turns corners to find you.”
Go support this book, it touches your heart and I wish others to feel it as well.