An Emotional Journey

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This novel was extremely powerful! Biz is a likeable character. She is a teenager living in Australia. Her father has passed and she lives with her mom and younger twin siblings. Biz is a vegan and is inseparable from her friend Grace. Biz is going through some typical teenage angst trying to figure things out when one night something happens which causes her to lose it. Biz spirals and tries to put herself back together to stop herself from floating out of her body.
I cried several times at this novel as I just felt so bad for Biz. The characters in this novel really made the book. I also loved the setting. The most important part of this novel for me though was how I could really see the impact of mental illness. I understand mental illness but to see it through a character's eyes like this was really an ah ha moment. I really began to understand just how hard it is. How helpless you feel. Just an extremely powerful, emotional ride. I highly recommend this book.