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Meet Elizabeth "Biz" Martin Grey (the Martin is for her grandfather who died when her father was 10). Biz is your normal teenage girl. She has her group of friends (named the Posse) and her best friend Grace. She's in year 11 at school and has two younger twin siblings. See completely ordinary. Except for the fact that she kissed her best friend Grace, almost drowned in the ocean and was saved by a new kid named Jasper, oh and she has conversations with her father...who passed away when she was 7.
I don't even feel like I scratch the surface of Biz's story which is something that needs to be told. She's navigating her way through her last years of high school, dealing with her best friend finally getting serious with a guy and also it seems that she is dealing with her feelings for Jasper (bum leg and all)
The words in this book are beautiful "There's never enough time. Actually, there's too much and too little, in unequal parts. More than enough of time passing but not enough of the time passed"
I've read just enough to get my feet wet and now I want to dive right in!