No Terrorists. Just Ice Cream.

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Amir’s plan was to just get through high school, write Wikipedia pages, and wait until college to become himself. Then he met a boy. Then a couple classmates found out. Faced with a blackmail threat of being outed to his strict Iranian parents, Amir runs away to Italy. Because gelato.

Now halfway around the world from his problems, Amir is free to make new friends, make mistakes, and explore the identity he’s kept hidden for so long. Unfortunately, problems usually don’t just go away.

I like how the book is primarily Amir's story, but the rest of his family all contribute to and influence it. This book is, in part, an exploration of both birth family and found family, as well as how to balance two crucial pieces of yourself that don’t easily fit together.

I received a free Advanced Reader Copy of this book from BookishFirst and Penguin Teen in exchange for an honest review.