Cry Worthy

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Our protagonist, Amir, leads us on a journey of blackmail, running away, homophobia, and racism. This book is definitely something that I will read over and over again. Parts of it are dramatic, or unrealistic. But personally, the reality of the situation overrides that.

One of the biggest things for me was a reoccurring, but ultimately small, thing - the scoreboard. Amir counts all of the small remarks, and weighs them against each other to see which is more likely - that he will be accepted, or that he won't. I remember doing the exact same thing before coming out.

Amir also deals with his religion and how that affects his sexuality. I am not personally religious, but it is very interesting to see someone try to struggle with how the God they believe in may see them.

Overall, it's definitely a book that I would recommend. I cried many times, but I also laughed a lot too.