Intriguing and Complex

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The first impression grabbed my attention immediately. It sounds like a coming-of-age story, but also a story of complex family issues, and religious/cultural identity mingling with sexual identity. After reading this, I want to know more about what happens with Amir. I'm curious to see how he gets out of this situation, what exactly happened to get him into this situation, what occurred within the family (both now and in the past), and what the outcome is for Amir. He's an easy character to empathize with, and I love the fact that the main character is a gay, Muslim man who is struggling with coming out to his family, but the emphasis is more on his family and internal struggle and less on the religion itself (as far as the First Impression goes).

It's well written, and I love seeing all the different perspectives within the family. I'm looking forward to reading the full book!