Its The Journey "Stupid": Learn to be Fully Human & Stay in the Game!

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@GuyRaz, his a breath of "fresh air" in world that points out our faults and failures. He shows us how to be fully human and live life fully. Life is not about playing it safe, but challenging the status quo. Essence of being fully human by experiencing great relationships, hope, love, and ultimately redemption over life's struggles. He shares wonderful stories that will ignite a full range of emotions. Also, they will inspire you to explore ideas and thoughts about what if we could do this? Guy encourages each of us to never stop growing, learning, and being curious about the world around us. Giving us the courage to look at the biggest frontier the one between are hears. The most dangerous frontier you can embark on, however the most rewarding for the chance to live out your Dreams! Reminding us as Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt told us its not the critic that matters its the "Man in the Arena" or as Guy says: The Journey.