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Having a great idea for something new is always exciting. Actually carrying it out is a step most people don't progress to. Why? Some might think it's too hard to envision all the activities that will have to happen before it could work. You may think it wouldn't be worth the effort or just don't have the time to invest in plotting it out. Some good ideas disappear forever due to lack of attention to it.

Then there is the person who says what will it take and then does something to make it happen. This book is about some people who took that next step and the next and the next, as it is only with hard work that it leaves the mind and becomes a "thing" that others can see or use.

Not all stories are success stories and some will be successful for a while, maybe serve a niche, but then die off, but at least they worked for a while. Some stories, like Chicken Salad Chick's story, has such ups and downs that you wonder how did they stick with it? You can only admire their courage when facing such tough obstacles.

Read this to see how they did it. See if it inspires you to take your ideas out of hiding and make them a reality for others to see and use.