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Sure to Inspire Many People

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It is always nice to read something positive and upbeat, and that is especially true in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic. I liked the fact that author Guy Raz closed his introduction with the remark that he hoped readers of HOW I BUILT THIS would find something that gave them a sense of possibility and relief; everyone probably could use some relief at this point! Equally true, is the sentence in Chapter 1 ("Be Open To Ideas") that people may be like Lisa Price and think they have found the career that each is going to do for the rest of his/her life.

That sense of unrewarding is probably an inner voice that generations younger than Baby Boomers are more likely to listen to. Gone are the days of one-life-for-one-job with a routine retirement and a metal pen and pencil set sandwiched in a velvet box as your reward. Even if people think that is the kind of mundane security they are willing to settle for, the reality is that the business world is in a state of flux. Look, for example, at the airline industry. A couple of years ago, there was a reported shortage of airline pilots, and airlines were expanding their route coverage, so a great deal of hiring was also going on for flight attendants and ground personnel. But now, people fear the recycled air of a metal tube (a.k.a- an airplane) with the close quarters of 200 plus passengers (you are all close, whether or not the middle seat is empty or filled, and everyone knows this because you can't bend down to stow a backpack under the seat in front of you without bumping your head on that seat). And so, routes are canceled and airlines are offering all sorts of incentives for employees to quit/retire/take leaves.

The world has changed, and this inspiring book with tales of success and inner fulfillment just might be the perfect antidote for Corona virus miasma. As much as I appreciate the well researched stories and the positive message, I - personally- am not looking for a self-help type of read, and that led to my rating of 4, instead of five, stars.