Twisted Fairy Tale

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This dark and twisty fairy tale was riveting. I literally could do nothing else once I picked it up and started it except to finish every last word. Usually paranormal young adult books are full of heroes and fantastic magic, but this book was full of monsters and death and I loved it all the more. Iris and her sisters have always been a bit odd, or at least since the time the three of them disappeared only to return to the exact spot a month later with no memory of where they had been. Iris is the youngest Hollow sister and had only been 7. Now at 17 she knows they are different and not just because their eyes turned black and their hair turned white. Strange things happen around the Hollow sisters especially to those who treat them wrong. But most people can’t resist the allure of the beautiful Hollow sisters especially the oldest Grey who is now a famous fashion designer and model. But when Grey goes missing both Iris and Vivi know something is wrong and maybe what happened 10 years ago is finally catching up to them.