New Favorite Book

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I almost have no words... I absolutely loved this book and anyone who asks me for book recommendations I will immediately recommend this. I’m so full of many emotions right now. This book made me laugh and cry and kept me on edge the entire time! Iris, Vivi, and Grey Hollow are 3 sisters that disappeared when they were children and reappeared a month later seemingly unharmed except for a crescent shaped scar on their neck. Then over the next weeks their eyes turned black, their hair turned white, and they developed insatiable appetites but never seemed to gain weight. 10 years later Grey goes missing and has left behind clues for her sisters to find out where she is. This was a wild ride and every new revelation kept you interested and on edge. I absolutely loved Iris and Vivi’s characters! I felt for them and just wanted them to win. Then Tyler, Grey’s boyfriend, was my absolute favorite character! He was funny, courageous, and just such a lovable character! I am really hoping for a sequel and if it ever comes I’ll be picking it up immediately!!