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What an outstanding darkly gothic novel. I wanted this family to be whole again and not so fractured after the three young Hollow girls went missing but as you read on you’ll discover that that never was a possibility. The characters ponder a bewildering sense of self, how others see them and continue to question what exactly happened that night they went missing. Does anyone hold the answers to the truth?

The three main characters’ are the the Hollow sisters, with Grey being the eldest and a supermodel, Vivi the middle child is tattooed and plays in a band and Iris the youngest, is still in high school ; determined to finish unlike her sisters. They are all so uniquely different from when they first went missing to when they returned. Their formerly blue eyes are now black, their once dark hair, now almost white and they seem to have unspoken strange abilities that are never discussed. Their parents were so distraught during their month long abduction, only to be found alive and naked right where they disappeared from.

Their father grows increasingly mad, thinking that these are not his same children. His mental health is deteriorating. As the girls get older, their relationship with their mother begins to suffer and they move out sooner than they should be leaving; Iris, the youngest still at home. With Grey having absolutely no relationship with her mom. What really happened?

But despite being apart; the girls can sense each other by feeling, the ability they gained after their abduction and of course by keeping in regular contact. But when Grey goes missing, they don’t know if it’s related to an obsessed fan or possibly to the night they went missing all those years ago.