Enticing from the start

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Wow. I really enjoyed the writing style, the pace and the flow. You the reader learn about the Hollow sisters. Grey, Vivi and Iris had something big happen to them when they were young. They once had dark hair and blue eyes and after this event their eyes are black and their hair white. I wanted to learn more about this event that changed their family. I assume their Dad is dead or missing from the way Iris talks about living alone with her mom. Her sisters both left home before graduating high school and each sister is now famous. Grey is a fashion designer and model and Vivi is in a band. There is gossip that the girls are witches after this big unknown event happens.

Iris sees something on her morning run that scared her enough to turn back home. A man wearing a horned skull. She again sees this man at her school. The author writes very well. The first look has me hoping to read the rest of this book STAT!