Dark and Creepy Modern Day Fairy Tale

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Ten years ago, Grey, Vivi, and Iris Hollow disappeared on New Year’s Eve. They suddenly reappeared one month later. Their parents welcomed the girls back with full hearts and open arms. However, they were different, changed, unsettling. Their hair turned white. Their eyes turned black. Their baby teeth grew back. They became ravenously hungry all the time. They could remember nothing about how or where or why they disappeared.

Now 17, Iris Hollow is desperate to achieve the one the thing that has always alluded her: a normal, ordinary life. Her fashion icon and punk rocker older sisters are not helping, either. When Vivi calls Iris out of nowhere (on a school day), Iris knows immediately that strange events are sure to follow. This time, things may even turn deadly.

This is a disturbingly beautiful story about sisters, second chances, and no-win situations. It’s also a cautionary tale to remind readers that if something (or someone) seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

I really liked the dynamic between the three Hollow sisters. Even though they have different values and personal goals, they are extremely connected to each other. It was intriguing to see how their relationships with each other both affected and were affected by the events of the novel. I especially thought the push and pull between Grey and Iris was fascinating.

Also, have you seen the cover? It’s incredible! The artwork definitely manages to capture the dark beauty and creepiness of the story itself.