beautifully written!

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I did really enjoy reading this, I didn't really feel the need or urge to continue reading to the next chapters sometimes. I do like how you had to though because some parts were pretty unpredictable.

I must say it was pretty intriguing, yet creepy and dark at the same time. It even gave me the chills a couple times while i was reading! I would say that this one is sort of -different- from the other books similar to this genre and topic.

The hollow sisters supposedly vanished. They all came back looking ever so different from before. their beauty enhanced shockingly. They were sisters, they should be alike somewhat right? Nope, grey used her beauty to her advantage. She walked home alone at night. Vivi? She banished her beauty attempting just about anything like shaving her head. Iris? she fell somewhere between them. Yet one thing they had in common. They all came back with blacks eyes and hair white.