Beautifully Gruesome, Dark Fairytale

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Five stars for House of Hollow and the demented fantasy lore that Sutherland imagined.

Three little girls were went missing on NYE and were found, unharmed, on the street with no clothes. One carried a knife. And they were...strange.

The most intoxicating element of this novel is the descriptions of Iris' surroundings. But Sutherland does not primarily use imagery. She uses olafactory descriptions. Studies have linked the sense of smell to memories, so think about what it does to one's imagination. I believe these descriptions, instead of visual desriptions, are what made this story so horrifying, something out of a nightmare so putrid and bizarre and gruesomely elegant. No matter how dark the tale became, Sutherland keeps pulling you in until you want to submerge yourself into the chaos with the Hollow sisters, smell their beauty, bask in the rot that surrounds them.

Not recommended for the feint of heart, but rather for those with a sick and black side to their imagination.