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I really wanted to read this one when it was published but my reading slump lasted far longer than I anticipated. I am glad that I saved it to kick off this year’s spooky reads because it delivered, in spades. Differently dark but this book reminded me at times of Stranger Things and if you’re a fan you might like aspects of House of Hollow. This book is creepy, atmospherically gruesome, and pretty detailed. If you don’t like things that might make you gag a little you might pass on this book – the author does an amazing job at making the reader feel like they’re there too.

This book is a perfect example of old folklore being modernized and crafted into something even more creepy than it sounded in the first place. From the moment they disappeared and just as suddenly reappeared as children; the Hollow sisters have been anything other than normal, and each sister has found their own way to cope with it. I loved Grey’s mysterious otherworldliness while I also related to Iris, who was thrust into a modified youngest sibling role. Vivi was my least favorite Hollow sister but I still enjoyed what she brought to the book. Throughout the book, I was just as hungry for all of the bits and pieces of clues/answers as the girls and equally shocked and horrified at the events that were happening.

There are some books that are 500+ pages long that can’t pack in the story that this book has. I blew through it in one day – if I didn’t have kids and things to do I could’ve read it in one sitting. Even at the end, I have questions and if there happened to be a second book I would read it without hesitation. Grey’s secret(s) blew me away and spawned its own host of questions bursting from my mind like the corpse flowers in this book. The book is entirely fine as a stand-alone but I believe there’s a base for a second if the author chose to write one.