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When the infamous Hotel Magnifique rolls into town, Jani and her sister, Zosa, interview to join the staff, but when Zosa, a wonderful singer is chosen over the talentless Jani, she refuses to leave her young sister. A streak of luck allows Jani to slip in the hotel just before this traveling wonder leaves. But once inside the hotel, Jani learns that it's more dangerous than she ever imagined.

This was an enjoyable read. Taylor crafts an imaginative and colorful world, that I'd love to see for myself. I really liked Jani as a character and her love and care for her sister came through on almost every page. The magic was interesting. There's a hint of a love story in here, but Jani and her relationship with Zosa is central to the story. One thing that bothered me was that Taylor describes almost every character's skin and/or hair color. While that might just be her style, and I can understand the importance of this for main characters, it just got excessive when done for a character who had no bearing to the plot and/or only appeared in one paragraph.

All in all, this was an enjoyable read with a unique story and lively characters, and I'd definitely recommend it.