Loved this unique book!

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I really enjoyed this book! It has a completely unique concept that kept me captivated throughout the story. The story follows Jani and her sister as they start working at a magical hotel that changes location each night. Although everything seems perfect on the surface, Jani soon begins to notice that things are off, and investigates some of the other characters of the hotel. The story progresses pretty quickly as the reader learns more facts and notices hidden details in the story. We meet a host of different characters and personalities, and as a bonus most of them also have unique 'magical' abilities. I thought the concept was really unique to this book, and the author explained everything really well so it wasn't confusing, as it sometimes is with authors that try to invent too much. Overall I think this was a great stand-alone book, and look forward to seeing what this author has in store in the future.

Also the cover is really stunning and vibrant and I love it for aesthetic reasons as well.