What a Life! What a Memoir!

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Sometimes memoirs are difficult to be engaged with because they are so personally the author's, and unlike fiction, the author cannot make up interesting plotlines and intriguing twists to keep a reader captivated. But one thing is for sure- Mikel Jollett does not need anything more than his real life to write an incredible book that may as well be fiction for how much action and interesting tidbits it contained.

Mikel Jollett is the frontman of The Airborne Toxic Event, which is how I knew him when I first happened upon this book. But what I had no idea is that he was born to parents in a cult! His young life at the Church of Synanon is fascinating, and then even more fascinating is how once he escaped, he had to bounce around between homes to keep from being pulled back into the cult. Can you imagine a childhood like that? Well, you don't have to - you can just read this book!

Despite this tough upbringing, Mikel found fame and success and a fulfilling life. There was light on the other side of the tunnel, which is something I think everyone needs to be reminded of every once in a while.