Not my usual type of read

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Thank you to #Celadon Books and #Little Free Library for this book.

I am in the minority of enjoying this book. It's not just my type of book I guess.

I am not into a lot of some autobiographies and/or memoirs especially this type. The cult factor does intrigue me a little but not as a book as a whole. It must have been a hard life for him to have and I give him credit for opening his heart and soul to write this book.

It's a raw open-minded book and I commend him for sharing. What a painful life. I cannot imagine being separated from my family at six months old and handed over to the cult's "school," being tormented by his brother. His step-fathers or his biological father who was an ex-con and heroin addict weren't much better in creating a good life for him and his mother being clinically depressed was just so sad.

It is is amazing that he left the cult and went to Stanford but I expected no less from this smart man who got his life together.