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I listened to this and read along but mostly listened. I am not one to listen to audiobooks very much because I forget I am listening and tune them out but this one had my attention the whole time. I really like how Mikel Jollett narrated it himself, it made it even more emotional. I also loved how it was told in a child’s perspective. even though he’s an adult now, you can hear the child speaking. The added music throughout the listen was also very likable. At first, I didn’t know what I would think about the music but I enjoyed it.

I think everyone should read this one. His story is very real, raw and powerful. Mikel Jollett is a beautiful writer that captivates you. The struggles and obstacles that he had to overcome were hard to read at times. If you have the chance to listen, I would do that too. To be able to hear an author narrate their own memoir is really something.