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Blown away

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I went into this book only having read the first sneak peek. I had no background of the story really (but did some research after the sneak peek) so I wasn't sure what to expect. It pulled me in from the very beginning, as do most stories that have anything to do with horrific situations you cannot fathom even being real.

I really appreciated the main character, and it seems silly to say it was real (because it obviously is), but I often times felt like I was right there in the story and experiencing some of it with him. I was blown away. It is very interesting to hear some of the reasoning behind why they chose to go to a cult, and then why they chose to leave. I am fascinated by the topic.

All in all, I hate to say this book was "Good" because it doesn't quite seem appropriate to say anything revolving a cult is good, but I thought it was very well written and interesting.